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Project Management

HTE believes in diversity, we carry out various business activities in our facility. Our operations include manufacturing, maintenance and repairing indoor/outdoor industrial cabinets; care is taken to make sure we fulfill your requirements by making customized cabinets and industrial spare parts. We also specialize in the fabrication of various kinds of sheet metal jobs such as Mild Steel, Cold Roll Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel and Aluminum.

Furthermore, Al- Houdh is an authorized sole distributer of Southco, in the Middle East, which specializes in offering hardware solutions which include “key touch points such as locks, latches, captive fasteners, hinges, handles and other innovative products.” (Southco)

In 2015, Al-Houdh introduced a new business line called the D-Smart Laser Cut, where we have installed one of the latest technological driven machines to cut metal sheets of various sizes and thicknesses. The “LCG 3015 Amada; Japan” uses an optic laser system to cut materials at a high speed maximizing the production level thereby maintaining the accuracy of the design and shape of the final product. After a thorough research done by our marketing team, we are hoping to live up to your expectations and take our operations on a full swing in the local and international market.