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D Smart Laser

In 2015, Al-Houdh introduced a new business line called the D-Smart Laser Cut, where we have installed one of the latest technological driven machines to cut metal sheets of various materials and thicknesses. The “LCG 3015 Amada; Japan” uses a laser system to cut materials at a high speed maximizing the production level thereby maintaining the accuracy of the dimension, design and shape of the final product. After a through research done by our marketing team, we are hoping to live up to your expectations and take our operations on a full swing in the local and international market.

The following material & thickness we can cut in any design as per our customer demands

  • Mild Steel (MS) - 0.6mm to 20mm
  • Stainless Steel (SS) - 0.6mm to 10mm
  • Aluminum (AL)- 0.6mm to 6mm
  • Aluminum Alloy (AL)- 0.6mm to 8mm
  • Electrogalvanized Steel - 0.6mm to 3.2mm